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Have you ever had a chibi or anime voice talking to you in your head? Interact with different chibis and let your other chibis get inside your head.
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PostSubject: Job   Job Icon_minipostedFri Dec 21, 2007 4:40 pm

You can select a job out here are the jobs.

- Clerk/accountant: $100 a week ( you have to help out at least 2 people)
- Tutors (2): $100 a week ( you have to tutor at least one person)
- Airport (3): $50 a week ( you have to at least help out at least 3 times)
- Working in anyshop ( 6 to each shop): $45 a week ( at least sell 3 times)

PM me about what job you want. When you go shopping no stealing items. I will PM you the item you bought then you can put it in your storage room ( after they ask for a house or apartment)

There will be a bank so just PM you paycheck if you don't want to lose your money but you have to PM me about it in that week. Payday is wednesday or Friday.
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